Last minute semester spam!

Ok, so with my last post of the semester I choose to demonstrate how easily your own work can be published to the online community using new media/web 2.0 technologies. And simultaneous present my music as an example of the democratization (Lessig, 2007) of music creation technology (cause it was all done in my bedroom). Therefore I present a shameless plug for my own music.

Below are my two Soundcloud pages and examples of the music on both. Hope you have time to listen πŸ™‚

Air and Space – Windy City

Metric – Collect Call (Matt Kennedy Remix)


Copyright Criminals:

This is just a short version of the film Copyright Criminals. It was eventually released as a feature length documentary, although I haven’t seen it. I found this short version though very handy when writing some of my essays this semester as it contains some great insight from artists, analogical arguments and fantastic insight from Lawrence Lessig.

I tried to embed this but it wouldn’t work, sorry. So here is the link:

Frankie Knuckles Lecture:

This is the audio from the Frankie Knuckles lecture from 23/5/2011. It was recorded on an iPhone and is missing about 15mins at the start so sorry about that.
It was an awesome session and now through the power of the internetz we can relive it again.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Part 1

Explination of my Site:

Here’s a link to my Website, it’s all done and I’m pretty stoked! It was all pretty smooth sailing, which has not been the case for me and HTML coding in the past.

The primary concept behind it is that it functions as a Tips, Tricks and Tutorial site for Ableton Live. I wanted to focus on re-creating certain sounds, whether it be famous bass-lines from certain tracks or commonly used techniques, I just felt that this was one way that had really helped me learn; by hearing a sound and then trying to figure out or being shown how it was made. I achieved three tutorials all of which I’m quite happy with. Along with this I added a News page where I can update any current Ableton Live Patches or anything significant in Ableton land.
I also included my time-lapse/soundscape project on it’s own page explaining the premise behind that.
The secondary role that I hope the page might serve in the future is as an additional feature to, which is the website for my friend and I and all our DJing and Production escapades. The idea was that maybe if I can get the Tips and Tricks site up and going and fleshed out with a few more tutorials then it might help bring more, and hopefully new, traffic to the site and help increase the exposure of our music etc.

End of Semester “Just for Fun” Stuff:

Ok so this will probably appeal to ZERO people who read this, but I’ve recently become very addicted to watching Starcraft 2 replays. That’s right, I watch other people play video games…on Youtube…

A friend showed this to me and at first I was like WTF is this? I already very much enjoy playing Starcraft 2, why would I want to watch someone else play it. But I was strangely intrigued, mainly by the very excitable commentary (yes there’s commentary) by a guy called Husky. And after a while I found myself beginning to recognise certain players and different strategies etc so I looked into pro-gaming and found out that it’s HUGE!! They call it E-Sports and there are tournaments with 1000’s of $$$ worth of prize pools and guys travel all over the world to compete in video game tournaments and that’s what they do, that’s their job! There’s a league called MLG (Major League Gaming) and it’s streamed online and on TV and everything. It’s this whole gaming sub-culture that I never knew existed.

I know there’s probably some sort of academic, theoretical parallel I could draw here, but it’s half an hour before the end of semester so I’m too lazy (Sorry Sean).

Anyway…if this seems remotely interesting to you or you have that weird curiosity that I did then check out the Starcraft 2 cast by Husky below.
You can also check out his YouTube Channel (he gets something like 80,000+ views a day!! and has 156,286 likes on his Facebook fan page and I’m pretty sure this is what he does, he just commentates Starcraft 2 games, for a living…how awesome is that!!!)

OMG there’s a sequel:

So I just discovered a sequel to Trains-Formers and this one is even more self referential and humorously dry than the last one!

If you’ve never seen the ORIGINAL (and the best) Transformers movie from 1986 (none of that Michael Bay crap! “Hey let’s just blow things up and not worry about a plot or character development”, just kidding I really liked the first one) then check it out, cause otherwise some of the jokes in this may go over your head. BUUUT if your an uber geek like me, you’ll know exactly what’s going on and it’ll be lmao!

Time-Lapse Vid and Soundscape:

Just thought I’d post my time-lapse video which I finished yesterday. I did this like I said in the previous post by using the ReelMoments app and by strapping the iPhone to my chest. I think it came out ok, it’s not perfect and the image is a little jittery because I was walking and had to do things like breathe and all that, but overall I think it’s not bad for an afternoons work.

The sound-scape that accompanies the video is a combination of sounds recorded on my iPhone while walking to the park and once I was there along with an original piece of music I am currently working on and will hopefully finish onceΒ  my assignments stop crippling my life πŸ˜›

If you want to just here the sound-scape on its own you can below: